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prayer = worship

Ok, so I would think that prayer is a form of worship. I believe that I have seen verses on it at one time or another. If you could help me find some verses making reference to prayer as worship, or some other similar language, it would be really helpful.

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Prayer is only worship when your focusing on God.

"God you are awesome" Or "God thank you so much for ____" is worship, because your telling God how great he is, which is basicly the definition of worship.

Asking God for things isn't worship, because your making it about yourself.

The only example i can think of at this hour of the night of prayer being used as worship is The Lords Prayer (Matthew 6:5-18) It's not in plain text "prayer = worship" but when analyzed it most certainly appears so.

In that passage, Jesus is telling us how we should pray, not as in word for word, but what kind of things we should pray about. Low and behold, the first thing he says is "Hallowed be thy name" or more appropriately for this context, in the new living translation, it's translated as "May Your name be honored."

If prayer is meant to start off with the exaltation of God, then yes it's safe to assume that prayer is most certainly without a doubt a form of worship, as the definition of worship is the expressing of addoration.