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are we justified in disobeying law that isn't explicitly laid down in the Bible?

So I have been having several discussions about whether or not it's ok to drink before you're 21. I'd say no, but obviously, there are quite a few people out there that would be fine with it. Now on the topic of alcohole its self, the Bible isn't incredibly specific, but that's fine because the issue doesn't like with alcohole. the issue lies in whether or not we can be justified in disobeying a law, no matter how arbitrary that law may seem. It is possible to use alcohole responsibly and according to the guide lines set out in the Bible before you're 21, but the fact of the matter is, there is law against it. Yes this is a cultural thing. Yes there are countries around the world were this never arises because you can drink from the start of your life to the end if you want to, but here, in America there is law about it. Can we be justified in disobeying this law?

I have a teaching that rings out in my mind when ever I hear this topic. I'm frankly not sure if it's actually scripture, or just something that I've been taught. I'd really like to know if it is in the Bible though. The teaching is that we are to peacefully coincide and obey the government until the government requires us to disobey God. In which case we are to follow God and not the government, and peacefully recieve the punishment that the Government has for obey God rather than the government's law. I think that this is in the context of two apostles being arrested for preaching the Gospel when it was illegal for them to do so. They were arrested and peacefully allowed themselves to be taken. If you could help me find what I'm refering to, I'd really appreciate it.

If we can be justified in disobey the drinking age law because it's not explicitly discribed in the Bible, then why would we not also be justified in disobeying any law that is not set out in detail in the Bible?

Yes, I have a huge issue with alchohole do to past experineces i've been through.. but that doesn't mean that because I have a predisposition to disliking the substence, that my veiw is no longer valid.

Help me out here.
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